Sunday, August 4, 2013

8210 Creek Water Lane 89123 is now for sale

I find myself a bit conflicted about this. We are finally fully and enthusiastically relocating to the Bay Area after nearly five years of "Virgin American Marriage" intermittent work separation. This has been our lovely, comfortable Las Vegas home for the past ten years. Had I the financial resources, I would simply not sell; I would ice it down, like Robert, my next-door neighbor at 8218 Creek Water. He is a successful international real estate developer based in southern California. His house sits empty most of the time (but regularly maintained). He shows up episodically for some R and R (He has a great pool, and a huge back yard that looks like a rain forest canopy).

My sister-in-law's kids, when they were younger, once exclaimed "yeah, let's go to Aunt Cheryl's and Uncle Bobby's house. It's friendly there."

Indeed it is. Part of that is just us -- pretty laid-back, No-Drama people. But, part of it is the feng shui of this elegant property. It's as airy and spaciously laid out an interior of 2,156 square feet as you're likely to find. Three BR, loft/study (would have been the 4th BR in the slightly different floor plan), 2.5 bath, 3 car garage, huge yard, lots of trees. Master BR on the ground floor.

Ten minutes from the airport and the heart of the Strip. Closed-loop road quiet neighborhood (no thru-traffic). No Golf Kart Kommisars (i.e., no HOA).

I shot these last week. Come, take a quick tour. BTW, you can click on any photo for an enlarged view. The house is now on the market. Details from our agent (see below).


We are quite likely to be downsizing a good bit in California, so we are open to separate pricing out-of-escrow negotiations on buyer's retention of some -- some -- of this furniture (I know this is of interest to our investor prospects).

Sink has a fairly new garbage disposal unit we installed.
R/O water unit under sink, water softener in garage.
Note: all appliances are staying, incl:
refrigerator, gas range, microwave, dishwasher,
laundry room washing machine and gas dryer.

We bought the fridge, microwave, washer, and dryer all new.
Ground floor Master BR.
In Manhattan this would probably be a $7,000 a month apartment. It's huge.
We replaced the carpet with wood laminate.
Master bath, with walk-in closet and separate commode room.
Exiting Master BR, half bathroom and laundry room with door to garage.

My library/study, wherein I plot my nascent World Domination of Health IT media.
Upstairs front BR. That's a California King bed.
Upstairs bath, just off the Study.
Upstairs back BR. Not in use, except to store stuff lately.
The view from the back wall.
There's a large chain-link dog run along the north side wall.
No, sorry, you don't get to keep the bird house.
Cheryl's uncle in Alabama builds those for family members.
The cinder block wall runs about 280 ft long.
I painted it a light beige
several years ago using one of those sprayer contraptions.
Below: I recently planted a row of blooming "Chaste" trees along the back wall,
said to grow to 20-25' high and wide.
I am willing to sell a lot of my yard tools should you wish to have them.
Probably not going to be needing them in California.
I set all these sandstone path stones myself. Just the look I wanted.
Monster Lennox AC unit we installed a few years ago.
We replaced the attic evaporator coil unit in June 2013 as well.
Also, a number of years ago we installed an on-demand
tankless gas water heater. Our gas bill is trivial during the non-heating months.
Another view of my hand-laid rustic path work.
When we bought this house, we painted the garage walls, ceiling, and floor
(they were bare).
Well, we've been her 10 years, opened that single bay garage door maybe once a year.
Went out last week and pushed the button. Nothing. Broken motor shaft.
OK, since no one fixes anything anymore, off I go to Sears for a new motor.
That works out to about $16.30 per open/close. :(
(I'd replaced the double bay door motor several years ago.)

We had the exterior patched and re-painted a couple of years ago.
The contractor did a great job.

No known defects of significant consequence. Just the normal "wear and tear" for a 22 year old house. We have always proactively fixed things that needed fixing. I have long had a maintenance contract with Yes! HVAC for my heat, air, and plumbing. Insect control by JS Pest. I have the house cleaned inside every 2 weeks by Home, Clean Home, and I have a great yard guy I would recommend to anyone.

With respect to the yard: Truthfully, were I going to stay, I would lose the weedy, dog-worn "grass" in the back and go full desert landscaping, maybe a sculpted mounds-and-paths kind of thing with grasses, other blooming desert plants, and boulders. It would save water. Likewise in the front, I would do away with that grass island (I'm trying to re-seed parts of it that got burned), go desert all the way, and cut out those hedges and build in a tasteful awning-covered front patio area, perhaps bordered by some boulders and plants. you could comfortably sit there in the mornings most of the year, given that the sun rises from the rear.

Our agent is Nate Kimball. (702) 493-0054
Please direct all queries to Nate. MLS# 1370469.